Best Places For Low Budget International Trips like Maldives ,Bali etc.


Bali tops the list of Indonesia’s most luxurious and cultural cities. The city is a unique destination for all types of strollers. For a family trip, honeymoon, budget travel, luxury experience, explore, surfing or spiritual pleasure… Tourists and strollers from every Variete are drawn to Bali. You can also make a trip to any other city in Indonesia as you will get a free visa if you travel for less then a month.

The currency of India and Indonesia is so much that Indian tourists feel very rich here and the currency of Indonesia is also € and it is called Indonesian €. Nowadays, 100,000 Indonesian rupees are received against 471 Indian rupees. It is cheap there, everything else is expensive. Drinking beer in public is not a deterrent. The typical wine of Bali is found in Rose Flavor, which is the most famous drink of Indonesia

The heart of Bali is Kuta:-

Kuta, Seminac, and Jimbaran are famous places in South Bali and Kuta is the heart of Bali and also the center, while Seminac is the beach. There is a buzz of hi-fi restaurants and trendy fashion stores. Both places are 3 kilometers away from each other. There are many best options for spas too.

and many more Ubud, Indonesia’s savory hill station, is just 35 km from Bali on the top of the mountains. Surrounded by rice fields. The Kempuhan Ridge Walk is about a 1-kilometer walking track. A beautiful view of lush green forests and rice fields is seen along the way. not only this, asthere is also the art, music, dance and beautiful temples in Bali.

How to reach:-

The air distance from Delhi to Bali is about 6,800 km. It takes about a quarter to eight hours to reach Bali by flight. But there is no direct flight to Bali so one has to go via Bangkok or Singapore or via Kuala Lumpur. For best offers click on the link given below.

COST: RS 8000 TO RS 30000

according to my calculation, you can have a great trip of 4 to 5 with a budget of Rs 30000 to Rs 40000.

2 Vietnam

Vietnam is a small and beautiful country in South East Asia. People come here to spend relaxing and relaxed moments. People like Hanoi, Ha Long Way, Ho Chi Minh City here. It is a beautiful country to visit. The biggest feature is that one can enjoy the beach, lake and jungle safari cheaply here. Vietnamese people are very happy and are always there to help.

Places to see in Vietnam:-

The War Museum is liked by tourists . And many historical things are present in the museum. Every object and picture of the museum gives the message of non-war to the world. World-famous pagoda There are more Buddhists in Vietnam. Buddhism is their lifestyle and the pagodas here are famous worldwide.

world largest Hindu mandir:

Angkor Wat has the largest Hindu temple in the world. Mahamandir is in the city of Ankor. The old name of Angkor was Yashodharpur. It is a Vishnu temple, but the former rulers mostly built the temples of Lord Shiva. Here, not only is the magic of Vastushastra unique, what is the unique view of sunrise and sunset. Other special attractions include Angkor Thom, Royal Palace of Pon Poh, Preah Manivong National Park, Sisobath Curve, etc.

Duration and the best month for going to Vietnam?

In additional Both Vietnam and Cambodia are Asian countries. February is the best month to visit. But it takes about 5 hours to reach Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia from Delhi by air and at the same time, it takes about 6 and a half hours to reach Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam from Delhi.


How much cost Flight to and from Delhi to Vietnam or Cambodia is between Rs 25,000 and 35,000 and A luxury hotel is available for around 4,000 to 5,000 rupees for a night’s stay and food.

3 Maldives

Places to see in the Maldives See the Maldives sightseeing and enjoy the natural beauty of Maldives with swimming, fishing, scuba diving, snorkeling, water skiing and there is nothing better than enjoying the shore with windsurfing and kiteboarding.

In this paragraph, Scuba Diving in Maldives Maldives is one of the finest scuba diving destinations. Thilla, Kandu, Lagoon, Erie Atoll, Broken Rock, Gangai Kandu, and Hukueli Furu are some of the scuba diving sites in the Maldives. The fun in the Maldives will not stop at these diving sites. You can enjoy many more diving sites, beaches, and islands.

In this paragraph, Land of eternal romance This quiet paradise for a long time has been an ideal place for beach lovers who prefer solitary, serene and uninhabited beaches rather than visiting crowded tourist destinations. AFTER One way to celebrate a glorious evening in the Maldives is to have cocktails in one hand and Mehboob in the other under the open sky, and keep watching the red sun for a long time. However, Book your flight to the Maldives today to experience this land of eternal romance.


flight tickets: Rs 10000 approx for economy

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