Frankie Recipe|Kathi Roll Recipe|How to Make Veg Frankies.

Vegetable Frankie, fill the stuffing made by mixing your favorite vegetables and paneer in a very soft roti or paratha, turning it in a special way, everyone will like it very much.

Ingredients for Vegetable Frankie recipe

  • To prepare the dough,
  • wheat flour – 1 cup of flour – 1 cup of
  • oil – 2 tablespoons
  • Salt – half a teaspoon
  • Indian ghee – 2-3 tablespoons on bread or paratha. –
  • 200 grams, chopped cabbage in small pieces
  • – 1 cup finely chopped green peas
  • – 1 cup oil – 2 tablespoon cumin seeds
  • – half a teaspoon of hing
  • – 1 pinch turmeric powder
  • – 1/4 teaspoon coriander powder
  • – 1 small Mmchri pepper
  • – 1-2 chopped ginger
  • – 1-inch slice, grate the green coriander
  • – 2 tbsp finely chopped chilli powder
  • – 1/4 small Salt – half a little more (to taste and spoon)

 How to make Kathi Roll Vegetarian Recipe


Take out wheat flour and refined flour in a big vessel, add salt and oil and mix it. With the help of lukewarm water, knead a soft dough by adding a little water (kneading this amount of dough is less than 1 cup of water).

Cover the dough and keep it for 20 minutes, the dough will be set to flowering, prepare the stuffing by the time the dough is ready. Put half the oil in the pan and heat it, when the oil is hot, add the peas, peas Roast for 1-2 minutes until it becomes slightly soft and cover and cook for 1 minute, take out the roasted peas in a bowl.
Add Cabbage and capsicum to the remaining oil, stirring for 1 -2 minutes, while softening slightly, they remain crunchy, fry and remove.

Add remaining oil to the pan, add cumin and asafoetida on heating, turmeric powder and coriander powder, chopped tomatoes, green chilies and ginger, and red chilies, while stirring with a spoon, cook the tomatoes till they get mashed, cook well, add cheese, salt and roasted vegetables, mix well.

To take cook, beat just mix add coriander. Stuffing is ready. Make roti and heat it on gas. Break the dough into a small size equal to small guava from the dough and flatten it to shape the pedal.

Wrap the flour of the flour in dry flour and place it on a plate, roll it into a thin round 8-10 inch diameter, and place the rolled roti on a hot griddle.

When the roti is slightly roasted, turn it on the other side and when there is a slight spot on the other surface, lift the roti from the pan and cook it on the direct gas till it turns light brown.

Put some ghee on the roti and place it on a napkin paper or foil paper lying on a plate. Similarly, prepare the second roti or as much roti as you want to make.

If children like to eat paratha then make paratha instead of roti, roll it like roti but apply ghee or oil on both sides of the pan, turn it over and roast till light brown spots appear, prepare as many parathas as you want.

Make Franky, place the roti or paratha in a plate, whatever you like, put the chutney on the bread and spread it around, and Now keep 2-3 tablespoon stuffing, fold the roti on its side first covering the stuffing, now folding from both sides, cover the stuffing completely.

Close the half portion from the file and keep it in a plate, the children can give it a hot roll by folding it in the plate. If the children do not like the tart, then make the stuffing and Frankie without putting chutney on the bread.

If children like tomato mother-in-law, then put tomato mother-in-law on the bread and after that, roll the stuffing in the same way.

Parantha Frankie is also prepared in exactly the same way. You can take vegetable beans, cauliflower or carrots or boiled potatoes as per your preference in the taste, and remove whatever you don’t want.

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